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We offer a complimentary Webinar series designed to educate and empower our clients and listeners around complex financial concepts that we often talk about on our show every Saturday on KTRS at 9 AM. 

We talk about things NOT every advisor discusses, like 

  • How do I pass on my assets to my family without Uncle Sam taking a big tax bite?
  • How do I most effectively manage and liquidate debt? 
  • Have I selected the right plan to supplement my Medicare coverage? 

In 2023, our team is offering educational webinars hosted by Jeff, Erin, and Frank covering a range of topics including Open Enrollment, wealth management, and current financial events. 

Current Webinars:

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Upcoming Webinar Dates: 

6/14: Game Planning for Taxes in Retirement

7/20: How to Design your Retirement Game Plan - GREAT for non clients!

Meet our coaches and learn their advisory style: